Director's Message

Director, Vansh Sports Pvt. Ltd.

Sports are often referred to as fun and games. And they are, but they are far more than that. Sports are a reflection of the most fundamental norms and values that shape human society. Sports represent escape from the world, but they also are a huge presence within the world, accounting for hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue and bringing together more nations and groups than any political entity is capable of doing. Sports are a test bed for science and medicine, as well as for teaching, communicating, and mentoring.

Sports are also big business. Sports fuel the media. And sports are critical to advertising and merchandising many of the world’s most lucrative products.

Vansh Sports Pvt. Ltd.'s focus is to develop sporting goods and wears that contribute to the success of individual and corporate objectives. Whether an organization requires promotional giveaways, corporate gifts and novelty items, or a sports club needs balls and equipment for their coaches and teams or an individual wants some fitness equipment or back yard games; Vansh Sports Pvt. Ltd. is the name in the game.

Pritpal Kaur Sidhu